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September 23, 2019

Installation of boltless racking system


Open the packaging, verify, and arrange all components as follows:

  • 4 pcs 1800 mm upright post
  • 4 pcs plastic foot (to cover the post so not to damage any flooring)
  • 8 pcs 1200 mm beam (for 4 level, 3 compartments)
  • 8 pcs 450 mm beam (for 4 level, 3 compartments)
  • 4 pcs 450 mm center support
  • 4 pcs shelving, which is made of plywood covered with melamine

For this install, you would need a rubber mallet.

Boltless Rack Specification:

Color                    : Gloss Beige (RAL 1013)
Steel Grade         : JIS G3101 SS400
Steel Thickness  : 1.5mm (1.8 mm including the powder coating)
Finishing              : Powder coating
System                 : Knock-down (Boltless)
Upright profile   : 40mm x 40mm x 1.5mm

First Stage: Assembling the frame

Get 4 pcs of vertical upright and 600mm side beams. Divide it into two sets, for the two frames. Put the beams’ hook into the holes in the upright in a regular interval. Do the same with the other frame.

Second Stage: Assembling the beam

Lean the frame against each other and start assembling the beam one at a time, starting from the top to the bottom. Put the key in the beam into the appropriate hole in the upright.

In assembling the beam, please verify that the logo “MYSTAR” is upright with relative to the frame. This will be important during the installation of the center support. If the beam is upside down then the center support could not be installed and the frame would have to be fixed.

Third Stage: Installing the plastic foot

The plastic foot functions as a protector, so the metal upright does not damaged your flooring under load. After that, erect the rack upright slowly. Start erecting from the side to keep the balance.

Fourth Stage: installing the center support

Center support will only be used for model with front and back beam greater than 1200mm.


  • Front/Back Beam of 1200mm uses 1 pc center support
  • Front/Back Beam of 1500mm uses 1 pc center support
  • Front/Back Beam of 1800mm uses 2 pcs center support

Fifth Stage: Tighten everything

In this stage, you would need a rubber mallet. Hit the beam lightly to make sure that the key in the beam is fully inserted into the hole in the upright. Do it for every connection, After that, start putting the melamine coated plywood shelving into the rack. Please insert the shelving at an angle initially to make it fit into the room.

The rack is fully assembled and ready to be used. Each shelving level could handle up to 350Kg of weight.

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